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Artist Statement

"My sculptural work has a direct relationship to the rich tradition which utilizes human form as its primary means of communication and visual exploration. This tradition employs body language and gesture to convey emotion and ideas. Even my amorphous work begins as an idea from a figurative gesture. Rather than executing a naturalistic body, I simplify and stylize the figures, focusing on the concept and aesthetics of the piece. To do so, I emphasize certain formal elements in the design: concave and convex planes juxtapose to intensify light and shadow. Shapes are made by a continuity of line, creating a sense of movement. Smooth and rough textures bring energy and contrast to the surface. I employ these visual elements hoping to develop a spiritual and universal context rather than a corporeal rendering of the subject. I’m more interested in the struggle within the mind and spirit than the physical appearance of the individuals going through them." - Jason P. Millward



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